Let me be your Pinterest Strategist so you can free up your time to work on what’s most important – your business.

Feel like you could be doing more with your time than fidgeting with Pinterest?

Pinterest and business are the ultimate power couple. Pinterest has nearly 200 million users now – yes that’s right! Don’t you want a way to get those eyes on your business

That’s where I come in. Let me help you get those eyes on your content. Time Management is my forte so let me take something off your plate.

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Can I be honest for a second? Blogging is B-A-N-A-N-A-S {did you sing that, gold star if you did!} Working from home can be stressful. There’s content to write, promotion, email marketing, and soooooooo much more!!! Can I get an AMEN?

Hours and hours spent on your business but no numbers to show for it? I’ve been there. Its so frustrating! But I’ve mastered a way to get traffic numbers to climb, and pretty quickly I might add.

Even if you’ve mastered Pinterest, on your own, I can still help. Imagine being able to work on your business AND having free time? Even more exciting, imagine being able to get more than one post up a week which is proven to help grow your business income. By letting me take on your Pinterest responsibilities you can focus on other areas of your business. It’s a win/win

Here are the Pinterest packages and options I offer, but don’t fret custom packages are available. Just getting started on Pinterest? I offer a one-time service to get your Pinterest primed and ready for business. Below I’ve outlined all of the package options available to get you started. Are you ready to rock Pinterest? Contact me today

The power of Pinterest is incredible and you know it! You are one step ahead of the game by knowing how crucial Pinterest is for the success of your business. The problem is your simply don’t have the room for one more thing on your plate; it is overflowing as it is. To be honest, when I initially started Secrets of a Work at Home Mom I enlisted the help of Pinterest Strategist to help my account gain traction and it was the best decision I made for my business. By outsourcing my Pinterest growth I was able to focus my attention on other equally important aspects of my business. Today I am completely obsessed with creating new Pinterest business accounts and I would love the opportunity to get you started. This Pinterest Primer package includes:

The Power of Pinterest 

  • Discovery call to create a personalized strategy
  • Setting up a Pinterest business account, verifying your website and enabling rich pins
  • Designing 10-15 niche specific, keyword rich boards populated with 50 or more pins {Including your own content and other relevant content
  • Writing a keyword rich bio and account name aimed to elevate your SEO, which includes a branded, professional profile picture you provide
  • Designing and uploading branded board covers rich in keywords
  • Ensuring each and every board contain all relevant keywords in both board name and board description
  • Automatically adding you to a minimum of 3 group boards to help you get started in addition to contacting 5 more group boards for an invitation to collaborate
  • One on one account support will be provided for a minimum of 10 days with the option to add more time
  • A video account assessment will be sent upon account completion which will include tips and tricks for Pinterest success

{$250 USD}

Branding, aesthetic, and design are all so IMPORTANT when building your business. You already have Pinterest under control, but you want your profile to have a bit more finesse. You want people to have a good first impression of your business when they visit your Pinterest profile or see your pins. Don’t worry – I can  handle it! Let me spruce up your page and make it sell without saying a WORD. Listen, I know you had this on your list for months now, but it’s time consuming. Branding and design take a ton of work. It took me a full month to redesign my site, so I get it. With the new smart feed, your “look” is all that more important. Plus you want to ensure you are optimizing your Pinterest account.  This package includes:

  • Discovery call to create a personalized strategy
  • Full optimization of your Pinterest Account
  • 10 more new keyword rich, branded pins designed to make you stand out in the new SMART FEED
  • Enabling RICH PINS {if needed}
  • Full SEO optimization including pins, board titles, and descriptions
  • Account redesign to include a new branded and keyword heavy bio
  • 10 Branded board covers and arranging boards to list in order of relevance
  • Add a “BEST OF” board if one does not exist
  • New board descriptions with a focus on boosting SEO
  • Arranging boards with a focus on prioritizing your original pins first followed but niche specific boards with group boards rounding out the rest of your boards
  • List Item• A video assessment will be sent on package completion detailing everything that was done to optimize your account


This is for my fellow Work at Home Mama’s and solopreneurs that simply do not have the time to manage their own Pinterest account, this one’s for you! We have ALL been there….Busy! Busy! Busy! You know its crucial to be active on Pinterest, but you do not have time to manage the day to day operation of running your own account. You need to have one less thing on your plats, I hear you! Give yourself some free time and still grow your blog/business. It’s a win/win! Monthly Management includes:

  • Discovery call to create a personalized strategy
  • Pinning your content, services pages, products and opt-ins to all relevant boards
  • Pin & repin 25-50 times each day both manually and through an automation service like Tailwind {a Tailwind account is required}
  • Research keywords to optimize pin descriptions
  • Utilizing Pinterest Analytics to ensure your pins are converting and bringing traffic directly to your blog or Shopify store
  • Integrate Tailwind to help schedule future pins and adding content to Tribes {a Tailwind account is required sign up here}
  • Immediately add you to 3 group boards to help increase your reach
  • Reach out to 5 niche specific group boards to help secure an invitation to collobrate
  • ***NEW***New daily branded pin creation for up to 3 blog posts. Pinterest is now all about fresh content which includes creating new pins for old posts.
  • End of the month video conference and written report itemizing all completed tasks, your monthly analytics, and suggestions for site improvement


If you are anything like me you love to save time. Tailwind is a dream come true! Tailwind is an automation tool that allows you to schedule your pins in advance. Tailwind goes so far as to recommend the best time to pin with their Smart Schedule. The best part? Tailwind analyzes all different areas of your Pinterest account so you can see what’s working and what’s not. What more do you need? Let me set-up your Tailwind account today. 

  • Full set-up of your Tailwind account
  • Sync Tailwind to your Pinterest account
  • Complete Board list set up including all personal and group boards broken down into relevant lists for easy scheduling
  • Add you to 5 niche specific Tailwind Tribes to help boost traffic and engagement
  • Purchase a Tailwind Set-up package and Monthly Management get SIX weeks of scheduled pins


Not ready to purchase? NO problem. Email me ryan@secretsofawahm.com for a FREE Discovery call to see if I can help you succeed on Pinterest. 

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