Work at home Moms have the best of both worlds, am I right? Being a work at home Mom is great! Working from home can be both very rewarding, but also extremely stressful. As previously discussed, having a schedule can make being a work at home Mom much easier. Having a rigid schedule is simply setting yourself up for failure. Giving yourself grace and being flexible is the ultimate secret to being a successful work at home Mom. Setting up a routine, but remaining flexible will set you on the right path for work at home success. So, are there really secrets to mastering the work at home lifestyle?

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Secret 1: Family First


The first secret to being a successful work at home Mom is simple – be Mom. What’s the point of being a work at home Mom if you aren’t present for your family? As Moms, our lives revolve around our children their school schedule, playdates, doctor appointments, activities etc. Once you establish what your kids need from you it will be easier to schedule your work hours. Having working hours and an established routine is key to work at home success, but realizing you’re a Mom first will help keep everything in perspective. It’s imperative that you remember to give yourself grace. There will be days that you have a perfect schedule with everything planned down to the minute with a belly full of coffee and fully motivated to tackle your to-do list but then school calls – your child has a fever. There goes your schedule. Flexibility and grace are a must when you work at home Mom.

Now that my kids are in school I find it MUCH easier to stick to my work schedule, but it’s still possible to be super productive with small kids at home. Take FULL advantage of nap time and try to either get up earlier than you kids (easier said than done) or work at home. You can be a successful work at home Mom in just a few short hours a day. It just may take slightly longer, which is ok. Remember to keep everything in perspective.

PRO-TIP: GIVE YOURSELF GRACE! Being a Mom is tough! Allow yourself some grace and you will see a complete shift in your mindset.

Secret 2: Self Care


If you don’t care for yourself you won’t be able to do much of anything. Try to maintain a healthy lifestyle as best you can which includes eating right and getting enough sleep -{easier said than done!} Self-care can mean anything that makes you feel better. If can be a weekly manicure, an hour of television, a long hot bath, a glass of wine a night or whatever makes you happy. Look, I know how difficult it can be to find time for yourself as a Mom, but it’s so important. When creating your weekly work schedule try incorporating self-care straight into your schedule. I assure you that by taking care of yourself every area of your life will see an improvement.

PRO-TIP: Scheduling your self-care takes the guilt out of it. So many Mom’s feel guilty for taking time for themselves. Scheduling in your “me time” takes the guilt right out of it!

Secret 3: Evaluate your Business


You need a clear business strategy for your business. Without a plan, you are going to be lost without a clear vision  Try to take an hour to plan out the upcoming week. Decide what your priorities are for your business and write them down. Once you have a clear idea of what you want to accomplish plan out your week. Do not write every single down you want to do, but instead prioritize what you must do. If you schedule too much you will wind out getting overwhelmed and set yourself up to fail. I can’t tell you exactly what to do each week because everyone’s business is different. I can share my weekly blogging schedule and time saving work at home schedule as an example but you need to do what’s best for you and your business.  

PRO TIP:  Prioritizing your business tasks will help you master your overwhelm.  You can’t do everything at once. Try not to schedule more than 3 work tasks per day.


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Secret 4 – Plan it Out. WRITE it down!

Now that you have prioritized what you need to get done – WRITE IT DOWN.  Write it all down – your family commitments, work tasks, time for yourself, appointments etc. If you write out your weekly schedule it will hold you accountable. Make it visible so you can refer to it often and edit as need as the week goes on. Remember to give yourself grace if you run into an unexpected scheduling hiccup. Time blocking is an amazing time management hack that can help you schedule your business tasks. For example:

9-10am – Respond to emails

10-11am – Design Pins. Etc.

11- 12pm – Outline a blog post

PRO TIP: Make your schedule visible and refer to it often. This will help hold you accountable.


Secret 5 – Ask for help!

Working from home can be lonely but you don’t have to do it alone. Ask for help! There are several things you can do to lessen your load

  • Send your children to a Mommy’s Day Out, daycare or Preschool program. This was tough for me. I didn’t learn the importance of this until my second child. I built my first business around my son’s schedule and I was always super stressed out. By sending my daughter to a program for 2.5 hours a day/3x a week I was able to balance my work and home life in a brand new way. I prioritized my business tasks in a way that allowed me to complete them while my daughter was at preschool. I was able to get everything done because I was driven by the idea of having one on one time with her worry free. Once I picked her up from school I was all hers until it was time to pick up her brother. If she were home with me, I would never have been as productive as I was in those 2.5hrs because my day would be filled with distraction and guilt from not spending quality time with my daughter. My daughter and I both benefited from this change and I’m so happy.
  • Have older kids? Get them involved in housework. Ask them to do age-appropriate tasks that allow you time for other things
  • Hire a cleaning service – this was HUGE for me. I have someone come 1x a month. I put the expense right into my budget. There are far more things I’d rather do without them my once a month cleaning service. They take care of the big jobs that allow me to keep up with ease and in addition frees up more time to work on my business.
  • Get your husband involved. In our home, everything is divided 50/50. We both work so it makes sense for us. Sometimes all you have to do is ask

PRO TIP: Don’t be afraid to ask for help. People are willing to help but sometimes the don’t know that you need help. 


Final thoughts,

Being a work at home mom has tons of perks, but it also adds a new layer of stress to your life. Take everything as it comes and utilize the tips offered here to help ditch the overwhelm. Prioritizing business tasks, taking time for yourself, asking for help and remembering you are a Mom first can help tremendously when trying to navigate through your work at home life. Let me know if there are any other ways I can help you.


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