What is a Pinterest Strategist

The pillars of a Pinterest Strategist are as simple as asking who, what, when, where and most importantly why. Who are Pinterest Strategists? What exactly do they do? When should you hire a Pinterest Strategist for your business? Where can you find a Pinterest Strategist for hire? Why do you need one? These are the Pillars of a Pinterest Strategist that will allow you to make an informed decision based on the needs of your business. Every business is unique and therefore there’s no one answer on why a business owner should hire someone to assist with their Pinterest. Instead we focus our attention on truly defining each pillar of being a Pinterest Strategist and how they build off each other in order to give a full picture of what it means to hire a Pinterest Strategist and most importantly how it will benefit your business.

Who is a Pinterest Strategist?

A Pinterest strategist is someone who assists you with coming up with a Pinterest strategy customized to fit your business needs. Any successful online business owner will tell you having a Pinterest business account is a crucial part of online success. Starting a new business can be intense, believe me I was a mess when I first started Secrets of a Work at Home Mom. We all started from the same point. Try to keep that in mind when you get frustrated. Hard work and dedication always pay off! The learning curve for many is steep and for those who never used Pinterest prior to owning a business, it can be downright overwhelming. Hiring a Pinterest Strategist is an excellent way to get your Pinterest account set-up, made-over, or managed leaving you free to conquer other areas of your business. With Pinterest ever evolving it’s great to have someone on your team that can keep up with all the newest changes that can affect your account. One less thing to worry about, because those blog posts aren’t going to write themselves. In addition, most Pinterest Strategist are well versed in all aspects of Pinterest, which allows them to create a custom strategy that will help your business prosper. Yes, you can be successful on Pinterest without a Pinterest Strategist. There is no lack of training materials on Pinterest success, however, hiring an expert helps take all the guessing work out of building your presence on Pinterest.

What do Pinterest Strategists do?

Pinterest Strategists offer a variety of services which may include account creation, account redesign, monthly management, account audits and much more. You can learn about  my Pinterest services. Account creation services include business account set-up, website verification, enabling rich pins, designing and populating niche specific boards with relevant content, which is an incredible service for those new to Pinterest. By outsourcing your account creation, you can grow your Pinterest quickly. A makeover service is great for those that have an established Pinterest account but they want to revamp, gain more exposure or add more content. Hiring a Pinterest Strategist to perform an account makeover is a great way to save time while simultaneously growing your business. Monthly management services are great for those business owners that understand the importance of Pinterest but do not have the time to manage the day to day tasks necessary to run a Pinterest account successfully.  New business owners can also benefit greatly from a monthly management package because they can instantly start to grow their Pinterest presence while focusing on the other 45369 tasks needed to start a business. Outsourcing all aspects of a new Pinterest account is definitely an investment but one that will continue to pay off as time goes on as your business grows. As mentioned above, learning Pinterest can be overwhelming especially in the beginning, but by hiring a Pinterest Strategist you can learn as you grow. What that means is any good Pinterest Strategist is going to provide a detailed summary of all services provided so you can easily take over your own account when you are ready. Some Pinterest Strategists {ahem, me} include a step by step video detailing the work they completed which acts as tutorial, allowing you to pick up right where your Pinterest Strategist left off.


Why should I hire a Pinterest Strategist?

Lots of reasons why you should hire a Pinterest Strategist were discussed in great detail above, but what really matters is why do YOU need a Pinterest Strategist? What’s your why? You need to be able to answer this before you commit because you need to make sure it makes sense for you, your business and your budget. Here are some questions that can help guide you to find your why.  What was your reason for clicking on this article? By reading this far it’s fair to say you have an interest in learning about what it means to be a Pinterest Strategist. With that said, are you new to Pinterest and need help setting up your business account? Would you like to rebrand your Pinterest account and add more niche specific, keyword rich, relevant boards? Unsure if you have the time to dedicate to managing your own Pinterest account? Do you need suggestions on how to improve your account? Are you looking for someone to chat with over coffee about business, Pinterest and working from home? Whatever question you choose to answer is  your why. That’s what you need to focus your attention on when deciding on hiring a Pinterest Strategist.

When should I hire a Pinterest Strategist?

First you need to nail down your “why”, but once you know exactly why you are a hiring a Pinterest Strategist there is no specific time you should hire one. You can hire a Pinterest Strategist before launch {build anticipation}, right as you launch {to grow your audience}, as an established business {for rebranding}, or even as an uber successful blogger or business owner {to manage your account}. Hiring a Pinterest Strategist needs to be done when it benefits your business, fits into your budget, and makes sense. A business at any level can benefit greatly from bringing an expert onto their team and you rarely, if at all, hear any negative stories about hiring a Pinterest Strategist. With anything in life there will be a bad apple in the bunch, but overall hiring a Pinterest Strategist will have a positive impact on your Pinterest. When you add a Pinterest Strategist into the mix you are essentially managing your time efficiently, which is a core element of a successful business. Growth, engagement, traffic, and income can all increase with a proper Pinterest strategy, which an expert can help create. There is never a wrong time to hire a Pinterest Strategist. Want to get started? Contact me for more information.


Where can I find a Pinterest Strategist?

Well you are one step ahead of the game since the author of this post is in fact a Pinterest Strategist. Hi ::waves:: I would L-O-V-E to help you and if you need a refresher on what services I provide, you can find my packages here. If you don’t see something that fits your needs please feel free to contact me I love creating custom Pinterest packages. While I would love it if you hired me, I’m a huge believer in doing your research first. My philosophy is there’s plenty of business to go around – community over competition. The best place to find Pinterest Strategists? Pinterest – ha! Any good Pinterest Strategist has a strong Pinterest presence.  Research is a very important part of the process because you are going to working very closely with whomever you hire, so you need to be sure it’s a good fit. You want to make sure you weigh all of your options to make an informed decision for your business.

If you are interested in working with me, have any questions about my services or want to book a FREE discovery call to discuss possible strategy, kindly fill out the form below. I will get back to you within 1 business day. I look forward to working with you. Nothing makes me happier than supporting fellow small business owners. 

Email me at ryan@secretsofawahm.com  to book your FREE discovery call and let’s get you ready to R-O-C-K Pinterest. 


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