Is there such a thing as a fabulous weekly blogging schedule? As bloggers, it’s tough to get everything on our to-do list done week in and week out. Time management is key to blogging success any guru will tell you the same. There are so many things you need to do in order for your blog to be a success including writing posts, creating graphics, promoting your posts, networking with other bloggers and ohhhhh so much more. How do we get it all done? The answer is simple – we don’t. Instead, try to do your best to get as much done in the week as possible. It took me over a year to perfect my blogging schedule and now I can tell you with confidence this schedule is the only way I was able to get my blog off the ground. When writing blog posts I always try to think of secrets and hacks that will help my reader, the work at home Mom. Here’s a glimpse of my weekly blog schedule in hopes it will help you find a weekly schedule of your own that helps take your business to the next level.

Here’s my weekly blogging schedule {notice I take weekends off to spend time with my family}

Sunday – Write it Out


To be honest, I don’t work weekends. Lots of my blogger friends love utilizing their weekends to get stuff done but that’s not for me. Sunday is my day to spend with my family. However, once Sunday ends – meaning my kids are fast asleep and ready to tackle their week – I write out my plan for the week. Writing out what I need to accomplish for the week helps hold me accountable which in turn makes me way more productive. Each day I break down exactly what I need to do in small, actionable steps. This works to keep me on task without feeling overwhelmed If you are struggling with finding a schedule that works from as a WAHM I recommend taking a look at this post I wrote all about mastering your work at home schedule.

Monday – Rise & Shine with Pinterest and Content Creation

Every Monday, I try to wake up by 5am to help start my week off right. Something about waking up early to start my week helps kick start my motivation to tackle the week. First thing in the morning, I create all my new pins for the week. If you create a template for your pins this shouldn’t take any time at all. I have several posts and I make at least 3 new pins per post per week. Yikes, that was a mouthful but it means I make a ton of new pins every week. I love feeding Pinterest new content to help my blog grow. It’s worked great for me so far. You can learn more about my Pinterest secrets With all of the Pinterest changes over the last year I make sure I have at least five new pins to post each day for a total of 35 new pins per week – sometimes more depending on what content I produce for the week. The more new pins you post each week the more successful you will be on Pinterest. Don’t have that much content? No problem! You can create several new pins per piece of content. Once my pins are complete I take about an hour and schedule all of my pins for the week I schedule them through Tailwind.

Next up, writing the blog post I outlined the previous week.  Outlining helps me write blog posts in half the time it used to take me – I guess my high school teachers were on to something? Find out the exact process I use to outline my blog posts and start creating more content for your blog Once I complete my blog post – this could be anywhere from 1 – 6 hours later as different types of post vary in the time they take to create – I go back and edit. I try to perfect my post so it’s ready to be published Tuesday morning. Mondays are my most productive day of the week, which is why I write all of my blog posts on Monday’s. If I miss a Monday writing session I find it very difficult to get a fresh piece of content written for the week.

Tuesday – Publish, Pin, Promote

First thing Tuesday I create 7 new pins for the post I finished the day before. Again, if you have Pinterest templates this process takes mere minutes to complete. Once I have my pins complete, I add them to my post using Tasty pins and publish my post. Once it’s live I pin it to my most relevant board first and pop it into my Tailwind to go to each of my other relevant boards 1 day apart over the next week before I add it to my group boards. Once that task is complete I head on over to Facebook and share it in the groups that allow post promotions on Tuesday. While I’m on a Facebook I go into other blogging groups and try to answer questions where ever I can. Networking and connecting with other bloggers is very important.


Wednesday – Wisdom

Wednesday’s are dedicated to making me a better blogger. I’ve invested in some great courses over the years and I used Wednesday’s as my day to dive into them. My favorite courses by Suzi from Start a Mom Blog. I’m currently working on my first course and using her Course by Number as my guide. Everything is broken down step by step, which makes my life so much easier. All of her courses are easy to follow and it feels like she’s talking right to you. Suzi is such a gift to the blogging world and I’m thrilled I found her. She makes over 30k a month from her blog – Imagine?! Talk about goals!

Thursday – Time to get Technical

Thursday is my least favorite day of the week because I leave all the tech stuff to Thursday’s. Have I mentioned I’m tech challenged – ugh. Since Thursday is normally a bummer I switched to writing my newsletter on Thursday’s because hearing from all of you always makes me feel better. Monday’s are also a tough day to get an email since everyone and their mother sends out their weekly newsletter on Monday. Thursday is a time I go in and make sure my links are all working, update my affiliate links on my spreadsheet and fix any bugs that might be happening with my site

Friday – Brainstorm and Outline

Friday’s are all about prepping for next week. Every Friday morning I outline the blog post for the following week. This way when I site down to write it Monday morning the ideas are already flowing and I’m ready to start my week on the right foot. I follow a basic outline but I find it so much easier to write if I have my post outlined. In addition, I brainstorm content ideas for the upcoming months including opt in ideas, seasonal ideas and new income streams. Friday is really an important day for me because its the day that keeps my blog organized. If I didn’t plan out my ideas I wouldn’t get anything accomplished. A good brain dump is so helpful when blogging. Get your ideas out on paper and watch how much more productive you will be.



As I mentioned, I take off the weekends. I need time to decompress and relax. Monday will be here soon enough.

Final Thoughts,

Having a clear, concise blogging schedule is the key to staying accountable and on task. You can’t do much without a plan. I promise you that if you sit down at your computer without an idea to write about nothing will get done. Set yourself up for success by creating an easy to follow schedule that works for you and your blog. What do you do to help keep you motivated and productive? Let me know in the comments!

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