This has been an AH-MAZING month at Secrets of a Work at Home Mom! I DOUBLED my traffic. Yes, doubled. How you say? Easy peasy lemon squeezy – Facebook groups. When I first started blogging I hated Facebook groups. Despised them in fact. It wasn’t until I narrowed them down to my ten favorite groups that I started using them effectively.

There are a TON of Facebook groups for bloggers. You can join all of them but take it from me that only leads to overwhelm and distraction. Instead, I created this list of ten, high converting Facebook groups you can join today to help increase traffic to your blog.


Promote! Promote! Promote!


Each group I included has days where you can promote your latest blog post, pin, freebie, and so much more. It will be easy to get into a flow with there only being 10 groups to keep track of with your promotions.

My reach DOUBLED when I started using these groups regularly and now I want the same for all of you. Many of these groups have over 1k members, with some having over 10k members. That means there will be TONS of eyes on your new content. Download your list now and get to sharing.

A few tips: make sure you read all the rules, keep the promo schedule of each group and make sure you are sharing other people’s content as well as your own. As long as you stay on a good path you will see an increase in your traffic pretty quickly.


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10 Facebook Groups that Helped EXPLODE my Traffic

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