Learn the Secret to Creating a Great Blog Post

Let’s be real – blogging is T-O-U-G-H. Writing a blog post should not be a struggle. There are so many things to juggle including content creation, promotion, building a list, making money and oh so much more! Obviously, writing a blog post is paramount, but don’t you find the process super time-consuming? What if I told you there was a secret way to write your content in half the time. Yes, it’s true.

The ultimate secret writing a blog is simple: Make an Outline. Yep, your high school teacher wins this round. Writing an outline is the key to writing success.  

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Now allow me to show you my secrets to writing a great blog post step by step!

Turn the music up, grab paper and a pen and let’s get to work!

Secret #1 – Outlining  not only saves time it can be done ANYWHERE

One of my personal struggles as a Work at Home Mom is finding the time to work. I know you many of you understand this struggle. GOOD NEWS!! Outlining a blog post can be done ANYWHERE!  For Secrets of a Work at Home Mom I have a notebook dedicated to the business that I carry with me at.all.times! You never know why inspiration will hit. So of my best blog posts were outlined in doctor offices, basketball games, and in the car waiting to pick up my kids for school. Imagine being able to get work done ON THE SCHOOL PICK UP LINE?! Yes, it can be done. Work at Home Moms REJOICE! Would you believe if I told you I have ALL of my blog posts outline for the Y-E-A-R?!? Well, it’s true. Outlining my blog posts is the secret to content planning for Secrets of a Work at Home Mom.

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Now that you know that outlining is my secret to writing a great blog post let’s get to writing an outline for your next post!

ACTION TIP: Write your outline template in your notebook now


Problem ______________

Solution _______________

Title _________________

Longtail Keyword _______________

Subtitles/topics _________________

Call to Action _________________

Content Upgrade______________

Promotion __________________

Secret #2 – A Great Blog Post Solves a Problem for your Reader

What problem do you want to solve for your reader? Examples: How to lose 10lbs this month, 10 ways to combat adult acne, Great ways to freshen up your spring wardrobe, Easy weeknight meals etc. etc.

Here is where many people struggle. I’m not an authority on any topic so what gives me the right to help solve a problem for my reader? Let’s be real – NO ONE is an expert. Most things are subjective so all you need to is to be able to give enough information to help your readers learn how to solve a problem they are facing.

ACTION TIP: Write WHAT problem you are trying to solve for your reading? Write 2 quick bullet points that offer a solution.

Secret #3 – Use the Problem and Solution as your Keyword for SEO

Google is your best friend – use it! Take a minute right now to go and type in the problem you are writing about in the Google search engine. Quickly write down the top results in your search – use the longtail keyword you find in your post. Use the google search results to help guide your blog post.

Ex: How to use Pinterest as a beginner?

ACTION TIP: Write down your longtail keyword

Secret #4 – Create a Keyword Rich Click-Worthy Title

In order to write a great blog post, it must have a click-worthy, keyword rich title. The keyword you hope to rank for should be in your title and repeated within your article as necessary without keyword stuffing. One way to write a click-worthy title is to write it as a way to specifically solve the problem.


  • How to use Pinterest as a beginner
  • How to lose ten pounds in 1 month
  • Learn how to write your content in less time

Think about yourself as a reader, what is going to make you click on an article. Try to always keep yourself in mind when creating your content. If you are not interested in the topic you are writing about, your reader will easily be able to sense it.

ACTION TIP: Write the title of your article in your outline.


Secret #5 – Write an Intro Paragraph that Grips your Reader

You have less than a few seconds to hook your reader.


If you do not hook your reader in the first few sentences you article is dead on arrival. Do not worry there are a few easy ways to hook your reader right away.

  • Make it personal – Mention the problem you are trying to solve immediately and make it about the struggles of your reader. At the beginning of this article, I mention the struggles of writing a great blog post right away and demonstrate my own struggle with the problem.
  • Quotes – Quotes are a wonderful way to start an article and add depth to the writing topic
  • Question Opening with a question allows your reader to answer which often results in an “aha moment” or “YASS girl, me too!” Your reader is now hooked and ready to know more!

ACTION TIP: Draft the first sentence of your blog post. See if you can write a good hook in your very first sentence.

Secret #6 – Break up the Body of your Article

Let’s be honest – no one enjoys reading an article that’s all words with no breaks. There are several ways you can break up the body or the “meat & potatoes” of your article to make it more enticing for your reader.  A few ways to break up your article include:

  • Adding quotes – a quick google search will give you quotes related to your articles. Always remember to cite your sources
  • Use a list – I find myself making list posts quite often because not only are they very helpful for your reader, but they are also easy to write
  • Add photos – adding related photos is a great way to break up the body of your post and a great way to increase affiliate conversions.
  • Bullet points – shorter, quicker sentences are easier for your audience to read

ACTION TIP: Write the subtitles for the body of your articles.

Secret #7 – Include a Strong Call to Action

What do you want your, readers, to do? Do you want them to sign up for your email list? Do you want them to read related material? This is the point of your article where you invite your reader to take action. Make is obvious – never make your readers guess what you want them to do next.

ACTION TIP: Write your call to action on your outline

Secret # 8 – Email Opt-In/Content Upgrade

Content upgrades can be confusing to new bloggers. To be honest, it took me over a year of blogging to create a proper email opt-in – BIG MISTAKE. A content upgrade is a free resource you offer to your reader in exchange for their email address. It can be something simple, but the better the opt-in, the higher conversion rates. Some examples of an email opt-in include:

  • A worksheet  designed to guide your reader to better solve the problem discussed in your article
  • A shortened E-Book that funnels into a paid product
  • A swipe file intended to increase the productivity of your reader
  • A cheat sheet to continue your lesson
  • An extensive explanation of your article

As a reader, I personally prefer shorter, more concise content upgrades with multi-use pages {things I can print as needed}, but many experts say that isn’t enough to entice your reader to sign up for your list. Remember bigger isn’t’ always better. If you can pack a ton of value into a smaller, shorter opt-in {ex. a checklist, swipe files etc} than I suggest that’s the path you take.

ACTION TIP: Brainstorm an opt-in idea that relates to your blog post topic

Secret # 9 – End Strong

Writing a strong ending for your blog post will guide your reader to get closure to the problem. Some tips for a strong conclusion include:

  •  Final Thoughts- Give your personal view one last time on the problem, solution and how you can further help your reader {ex. related posts, email opt-in, services etc.}
  • Summary – Summarize the pain points of the article and the solutions offered. How did you solve the problem?
  • Repeat Call to Action – Sign up for my free workshop, follow me on Pinterest, click on this article to learn more etc.
  • Ask for Comments – In your conclusion ask a question pertaining to the problem or solution and ask your reader to comment on the post with their thoughts on the subject. Interacting with your audience is a wonderful way to build credibility.

ACTION TIP: Write a question that your readers can answer in the comment section

Secret #10 – Promotional Strategy

A promotional strategy is a key secret to creating a great blog post. What’s the point of writing a well thought out article if no one reads it? Where are you going to share your new piece of content? When are you going to share your new content? Who are you going to share it with? How are going to get eyes on your new piece of content? These questions should be built into your outline for writing a blog post.

ACTION TIP: Outline your promotional strategy {Ex. I will share my new content to this board on Monday, this board on Tuesday, Facebook on Wednesday etc. etc.}

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Secret # 11 – Pin, Pin, Pin

Design a high converting pin that will help you get your content seen. Creating graphics need to be part of writing your blog post because once again a promotional  Not sure how to succeed on Pinterest check out this post SECRETS TO MASTERING PINTEREST. Here are some quick tips for creating a high converting pin:

  • Use a bright, related image  size 600×900 {Don’t use an unrelated image like that can cause distrust with your audience}
  • Add a keyword title using easy to read fonts
  • Pin to your relevant personal boards first, followed by related group boards
  • Use keyword rich descriptions on all of your pins

ACTION TIP: Design a Pin using your keyword in the title and related image

Final Thoughts

CONGRATS! You wrote a well-formed, SEO optimized blog post today. Was it hard? Surely, I hope not. I think outlining your content is the best way to write a great blog post. My hope is this post will allow you to write your content faster and easier with little to no stress. Working from home is hard enough so if there is any way I can help increase your productivity, reduce your stress and help you succeed than I will do it. Did you find this article helpful? How else can I help you with your work at home journey? Let me know me in the comments.

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