Learn the Secrets to Making Money with Affiliate Marketing

If you are a brand new blogger or a blogging vet, it’s safe to assume you have heard of Affiliate Marketing. Many of the blogging gurus tote affiliate marketing as one of the easier ways to make money from blogging. Is it that easy to make a sizeable profit from affiliate marketing? The truth is, it’s complicated. However, what if I could make the process less complicated for you? Today I’m going to share my secrets on how I personally make money from affiliate marketing, how I made my first affiliate sale within a week of including affiliates in my posts, and tips to help you get started making money, too! Let’s get started.

DISCLOSURE: This post may contain affiliate links which means if you click on any link found in this post I may make a small commission. Thank you for your support.

How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

1. Tutorial Blog Post

Write a tutorial blog post about the affiliate product you are promoting. This type of post can be successful across numerous types of niches. If you are a craft blogger you could write a post about the circuit machine you use to create your crafts. A Mom blogger could write a wonderful tutorial post on how to use the latest and greatest baby gear! I know many, many new Moms are desperate to learn HOW to use the new gear they have for their babies. Tutorial posts are fairly easy to write because you are simply showing your readers how to use a product or service you believe can help them in their life.

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PRO TIP: Only write tutorial posts for products you know how to use and love.  As a blogger, you want to be solving a problem for your reader, but you cannot do that if you have not used the product you are trying to promote.



2. Email Marketing

Email marketing is a wonderful way to make money with affiliate marketing. Email marketing is an essential tool for all bloggers wishing to engage with their audience. Engaging with your email list on a weekly basis allows you to build a trusting relationship with your audience. Emails are an easy way to include affiliate links.


PRO TIP: Only include affiliate links that pertain directly to the email topic. Your readers will be able to see right through you if you are not being authentic, especially if you decide to promote certain products just for the sake of making money.



3. Tools & Resource Post

Writing a tool and resource post is a no-brainer! As a blogger you use several resources daily to help run your blog, right? Why not promote them to your readers? This a win/win for everyone. Your readers get a  jam-packed article with valuable information intended to make their lives easier and you get a chance to make money with affiliate marketing. Do you blog about Education or Homeschooling? Why not include an Ultimate Guide of Homeschool Tools & Materials? You could include programs and tools you are an affiliate of or even include some Amazon products you use to teach your children at home. Another way to increase your affiliate conversion with this type of article is to have a page dedicated to this post and include it on your menu to allow for easy finding. Here’s my example of an affiliate filled resource post

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PRO TIP: Update your Resource page as you change and grow with your business. Always be sure your affiliate links are up to date.


4.  Pinterest

Pinterest is an essential tool when it comes to making money with affiliate marketing. House of Brazen has an amazing course dedicated to learn EXACTLY how to make money through affiliate marketing and Pinterest. Upon completion of her course, which I highly recommend, I made my first affiliate sale within 24hrs. Elise’s process works and is not niche specific which means it can work for any type of blogger!


PRO TIP: Dedicate one of your personal boards to your affiliate pins – this will help your conversions.

5. Review Post

Is there a product you love? Review it! This type of post will come very easily if you love the product you are promoting. Are you a food blogger? Why not review your new instant pot and interlink some of your favorite recipes? Did you take a parenting course you love? Write a review and include affiliate links back to the product.

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PRO TIP: If you are going to do a review post, make sure its a product you used before or you run the risk of being viewed in an unfavorable light.

6. Gift and Product Guides

Gift Guides are a fantastic way to increase your affiliate income. Gift guides are once again not niche specific so you can create one that your audience will love. Do you blog about gardening? Create a gift guide or product guide about the best gardening products you can find on Amazon. Are you a tech blogger? You could create a guide on the best laptops to purchase this year. Not sure how to create gift guides? Check out this post where I show you step by step on how to create your own guide.

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PRO TIP: Gift Guides aren’t just for the holiday season! You can create gift guides all year long to help SKYROCKET your affiliate income. Need ideas to help you create gift guides? Check out this list of 50+ ideas to create Gift Guides all year round

7.Create a course

Want to increase your income streams? Creating your own course is an amazing way to start a reliable and passive income stream.  Ideas for courses include photography 101, parenting courses, organizing ideas, fitness boot camps, blogging courses and so much more. Another bonus to creating courses is the ability to include affiliate links in your program. Suzi from Start a Mom Blog is a master at including her affiliates in her courses. Suzi now makes over $30,000 a MONTH with her blog. Want to learnHOW!?


PRO TIP: Don’t just create a course for the sake of creating a course – do your research. Try to find out exactly what areas your audience needs helps with and build your course around that topic.


Final Thoughts – How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

Making money with affiliate marketing can be fairly simple, but it does take some getting used too. One thing I always recommend across all aspects of blogging is to be consistent. Write good, quality posts and promote them accordingly. Your traffic and income will climb as you become more and more consistent with your blogging schedule.

Have questions about how I make money with affiliate marketing? Ask them in the comment below.

Happy Blogging!





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