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Working from home is an incredible experience. Hard work? Definitely. But it’s also incredible. Is there a “secret” formula to working from home? Not exactly, but there are tricks to making the process easier. Before I became a mother, I was as an elementary school teacher. When I first had my son, I was desperate to stay home with him, and the idea of returning to a classroom full of someone else’s children while someone else cared for my child would literally keep me up at night. I needed to find a way to provide for my family but stay at home with my son (now my children). With a lot of hard work seven years later, here I am, working from home as the mother I wanted to be. If you want to read about my complete journey as a Work at Home Mom, you can find it Here. Being a Work at Home Mom is not easy. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication buy the payoff is worth it. The whole reason I started Secrets of a WAHM is so I could put my expertise to great use by helping other Mamas, just like you, achieve their work from home success.

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What is a Work at Home Mom?

Oddly enough I get asked this question all the time. What exactly is a Work at Home Mom? People are always in awe that I can get to provide for my family while still being at home. A Work at Home Mom is a woman that is her own boss. It’s that simple. You make the rules. You do the work. You make money. I provide services, but there are so many other ways you can make money from home including selling your own gifts, writing an Ebook, opening your own website, blogging about your life or food, and so much more. All it really takes is the determination to want to make it was a Work at Home Mom.


My Why

Many times people ask me why didn’t I just stay home with my son, why did I have to find a way to make money? My answer is simple: it’s 2018. Back then it was 2011, but the concept was still the same. Sadly, it was no longer 1950 and expenses were too much of a burden on one income. I am so thankful I can make almost double what I made as a teacher while being home with my children. My income grows steadily every month, yet I find myself working less and less. If you establish a great foundation you can be on your way to making passive income while you sit at dance class, cheer at the baseball field or even while catching a movie. Passive income has allowed me the flexibility to truly enjoy Motherhood. It’s such a gift. Again, its hard work, but once you get the hang of it – it’s nothing but smooth sailing ahead. Here are are a few more reasons why being a Work at Home Mom is both fabulous and fun!

Nine Reasons Why I LOVE Being a Work at Home Mom


1. Working from the comfort of  your home

As a Work at Home Mom, you have the ability to work out of the comfort of your own home. I don’t know about you, but I never saw an office that was as comfortable as my own home. Working from home can be chaotic at times, but my husband comes home with stories that make my hair stand on end. I love being home and not having to deal with any office drama. Wait, doesn’t it get lonely working from home? The short answer – yes. The long answer – it doesn’t have to be. So many of my friends were in a rush to get back to work because they felt like they were losing themselves at home. I can understand that, but that’s up to you. In my experience I find that networking groups and Mommy groups help to deal with the loneliness that comes with working from home. As long as you find people to interact with you on a continual basis all should be ok.

2. Fulfillment

If you are anything like me you LOVE being a Mom. Truly, being a Mom makes me so happy. My two children bring so much happiness into my life. Being their Mom is the greatest job I’ve ever had in my entire life. With that said, owning my own business fulfills my life in a completely different way. Confidence, pride, and purpose are only a few of the things owning my own business has given to me over the years. Having the ability to use my skill set in ways that do not involve being a Mom has allowed me to feel like a productive member of society. I get to be both a Mom and a creative which makes me so incredibly happy. I’ve heard so many Mom’s say they “lost” themselves when they had children, but thankfully I feel the exact opposite. By being a Work at Home Mom I feel as if I found my true calling. I want the same for all of you.

3. Set your own schedule

The BEST part of being a Work at Home Mom? THE SCHEDULE! Work when you want, how you want, and WHERE you want. “Have WiFi, will work anywhere” should be my personal tagline. I’ve worked in the car in the parking lot at Target, at the baseball field during a practice, waiting for my daughter at dance, the doctor – basically, you name the place and more than likely I have logged hours at said place. The flexibility of creating your own schedule is so freeing. Mom guilt no more! I used to suffer from serious Mom guilt before I implemented my work from home schedule. You can read all about my daily/weekly work schedule Here. These days I find I only work while my kids are at school or before they wake up. Weekends are completely off limits and dedicated entirely to family time. I leave myself “emergency” time blocks just in case things happen or events pop up where my kids need me to attend. My husband is in charge of a HUGE team at work but he is also incredible at making sure I have ample time at home to get my work done as well. Having a partner that is 50/50 is incredible and a huge part of my success.

4. Setting your self up to succeed

You get to dictate whether or not you reach your goals. If your business is a failure you only have yourself to blame. QUICK let’s get those negative thoughts out of your head because you, yes YOU are already on your way to success! You stopped to read these reasons on why its great to be a Work at Home Mom which is reason enough for me to believe you are ready to embrace your work at home success story. You want to take the necessary steps so you too can write your own post on why you love being a Work at Home Mom. These are a few of my favorite articles I’ve written on how to get yourself set up for success:



5. No commute

I don’t know about you, but I hated commuting to work each and every day. The best part? I only lived 20 minutes away door to door from my school. Although I lived close and my commute was nothing compared to what my husband does every day, I hated it. Working from home has no commute! The only driving I do now is back and forth to my children’s school, to the grocery store, kid activities or FUN networking events. Honestly, to me this is the biggest perk to working from home and I could easily name 10 other WAHM’s that would agree with me – hahaha! Maybe you found yourself here because your commute is too long and its taking time away from you and your precious family. I’m here to tell you that can do this. Working from home is hard, but it can be done.

6. Automation

Once you set up your business you can automate many areas of your business. Tailwind allows you to schedule your Pinterest and Instagram posts, which is a tremendous time saver. My business traffic exploded when I implemented Tailwind into my business practices. Having an email list will help you form relationships, which helps you feel less alone which I mentioned is one of the few downfalls of working from home. Thanks to Convertkit I can set up my weekly emails to send automatically every Monday. I try my best to have them set up as far out as possible to give myself some flexibility and the all-important – DOWN TIME. Automating parts of my business really allow me to focus on other essential parts of my business, but also allows for downtime I would not have without these systems in place.

Visual Marketing from Tailwind


7. Different ways to make money

By definition, a Work at Home Mom is just that – a Mom who WORKS from home. That word “works” takes on many variations when it comes to WAHMS. For me, I make a majority of my income through my service-based business, which includes helping Mamas just like you get their business dreams off the ground. Learn all about those services here. Don’t have a service to provide? Don’t fret, there are plenty of other ways to make money from home. Here are a few quick examples {Join my email list to learn about more work at home opportunities}.

8. Remember you are not alone

The Work at Home community filled with amazing, friendly Mom’s that are quick to befriend the newest member of our crew. Don’t believe me? Come join the Secrets of the Work at Home Mom Facebook group: Join Now When I first started I loved reading other people’s success stories because it motivated me to want success for myself. Read here to find out how this Mom makes over 20k+ per month consistently on her blog. It is so important to network with other Mom’s even if you are an introvert. You might not have guessed from my posts, but I am a HUGE introvert. In fact, networking with fellow WAHM’s has helped me come out of my shell in a way I never knew possible. The benefits of networking far outweigh the fear of putting yourself out there – I promise!

9. Be YOU!

Hate your commute? Itching to stay home? Eager to travel? Dying to share your new recipe? DO IT! Being a Work at Home Mom could be the perfect fit for you. I get to be home with my kids, travel freely, connect with other Mom’s and be the BEST version of myself. You cannot ask for much more than that. You can work when your baby naps or while your child is at school or you can join the crazy train with me which means waking up 2 hours before your kids so you can get some work in before the chaos of the day begins. Either way working from home could be an excellent fit for you and your family. What are you waiting for it’s time to get started!


Let me be real for a second

Working from home takes a LOT of work. There is no get rich scheme. You will need to put in the (wo)man-hours to make your dream a reality, but I assure you, if you dedicate yourself to your business everything will work out. You have to want it. Without the desire to succeed you could easily burn out. Pace yourself, but take it seriously. All I want is for my fellow Mama’s to find their own at home success. How did I get started? I took the AMAZING Blog by Number course from Suzi. I cannot recommend her course enough – she breaks down every step bit by bit. I’ve taken a TON of courses, but none I recommend more than Suzi’s. As always if there is anything I can help you with please do not hesitate to contact me.




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