Welcome! I’m sure you found this page because you are curious what I do with your data here at Secrets of a Work at Home Mom. Guess what?! Your data is safe with me. Here’s the official, Privacy and Cookie Policy for Secrets of a Work at Home Mom. This is written to be in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation which states that I as a business owner need to make a policy clear and concise with full transparency.

 Just so you know this site is run by me, Ryan. That’s it. I have no interest in holding onto your info. I’m a work at home Mama and really don’t want or have any need to store your data. Heck, I can barely store my own data. Several times a day I’m asked if I’m a robot because I’ve forgotten a password.  

The only thing I collect from you here at Secrets of a Work at Home Mom is your email address. You are free to unsubscribe at anytime and as I told you in my initial email I will never, ever spam you. It’s just not my style.

 Cookies. Not sure what that even means. I do love cookies but the chocolate ship variety not the store your data and use it later kind. Basically, once again you are safe with me.  If it’s an issue I know you can personally turn them off and I know this because I tend to turn mine off from time to time. 

Blog Comments – in order to leave a comment on my blog you need to leave your email address. Again, I don’t do anything with that email. If you want to be part of email list, my favorite people, then you can subscribe directly.  

To be fully transparent, this is a business and even if you sign up for my email address under the pretense of a free item there is a chance you will be sent an email introducing you to one of my paid products. This blog is my business so I will try to sell you something. You may simply ignore me or unsubscribe if I get too annoying or salesy. Ugh, I hope I never get too salesy. Yuck. It also takes less time to unsubscribe to my emails than it does to subscribe. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Can ya tell I’m a Mom to a Preschooler?

I use Google Analytics and in full compliance with their data retention policy.  

In a nutshell this is what I store, your name, email address and course purchase history {without which I can’t send you the course you signed up for}. By storing your data I mean the companies I work with you storing some of your data: Paypal – for payments, ConvertKit for email and Teachable for my courses. I think they all have a pretty powerful legal team in case of anything. I can’t access your credit card information nor would I want too.  

I think this covers it all. No data storage happening here at Secrets of a Work at Home Mom.








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