Learn the Secrets to Mastering Pinterest SEO

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It’s no secret that I love Pinterest. There are tons of benefits to using Pinterest for your business. Pinterest is a fabulous free resource that can drive a ton of traffic to your blog and unlock tons of leads for your business.  Pinterest SEO is important to understand in order to help your traffic explode.  You want your pin to be seen during a Pinterest search, right? According to Pinterest, there are over 250 million users on their platform right now. Imagine how many searches are done each day – you want your content to show up first on the Pinterest Smart Feed. Want to know a secret? Pinterest SEO is not hard to master!

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The Pinterest User

Pinterest users are finding new products to purchase, mailing lists to join, articles to read, fashion tips and so much more each and every day.  How do you attract a pinner? There are a few simple ways to influence your ranking on Pinterest and attract your target audience, which will help explode your traffic.  As a business owner it is your job to know exactly how to market your business. Marketing can be overwhelming but understanding Pinterest SEO can make it very, very simple. It is almost guaranteed that a portion of your target audience are actively using Pinterest. Let’s find out how to master Pinterest SEO

What exactly is Pinterest?

To start Pinterest is not nearly as complicated and overwhelming as you might think. To put it simply – Pinterest is a search engine. A major misconception tons of people have is thinking Pinterest is a social media platform –  it is not! Pinterest is designed in a way to help us find what we set out looking for, related topics and content that is completely new and exciting. When searching on Google your first page results are usually directly related to your search item whereas on Pinterest your results show more of a big picture.

Example – If you search for Christmas Traditions your results may include holiday bucket list, craft ideas, party themes, recipes, games and more. Your results are more related than specific

Now that we know how Pinterest works – how can we use Pinterest SEO to explode traffic?

The simple answer – KEYWORDS

Keywords are very important when trying to master Pinterest SEO. C’mon, are they really that important? Yes, keywords are key to mastering Pinterest SEO. Using proper keywords will signal to Pinterest letting them know exactly what your content is about.

Keywords Confuse me – HELP!

Look, I was there. For the longest time, I believed keywords were singular words. Imagine the horror when I discover long tail keywords were short phrases. Then imagine my delight when I noticed an immediate difference when I corrected my rookie mistake.

Great – but how do I know what keywords to use? EASY PEASY! Use Pinterest to help you find your keywords. Search your content idea on Pinterest and see what keywords appear at the top – make a list of these words they will go in handy later. Once you have a clear idea of what keywords to use it’s time to get to work!

Here are ways to use Keywords on Pinterest and in your content to help your traffic explode!



1.  Username

First and foremost you should try include keywords into your Pinterest username. Remember you only have 15 characters so it may not be possible, but try to make your username something that reflects the keywords that best describe your business or blog.




Pinterest User Name SEO





2. Business Name


For me, this was super simple because the keywords I want to rank for are in my blog’s name Secrets of a Work at Home Mom  or WAHM. If your business name doesn’t have keywords in it do NOT stress there are several ways to combat this problem. Get creative – you can try adding keywords to the end of your name. Ex. Preppy in the City – Fashion for the Busy Mom. If you are not comfortable adding keywords to your business name, that’s ok. You can add keywords to your business description in your profile.


3. Business Description

When setting up your profile you will be given the option to describe your blog or business. This description MUST include keywords. What do you want your audience to know immediately about what you do? The answer is what you should include in your business description. Easy enough, right? I feel like this is a freebie you can’t waste.







4. Pinterest Boards Title


This is your time to shine. During the 2018 Pinterest, your personal boards gained much more weight than group boards. Yes, niched group board are still helpful, but your personal boards should be where you put all of your board attention. When naming your boards to be as specific as possible. Silly names are not meant for business accounts – they will not benefit you at all. Instead, use titles that reflect the content you will be sharing. Relevant words should be the focus of your board. Examples from my account: Content Writing, Income Reports, Email Lists, Business Branding.All titles clearly state what you will find on these boards.







5. Board Description

The only thing more important than Pinterest board titles is board descriptions. Write clear, keyword rich descriptions for your boards. Good, well-written descriptions will give clear signals to Pinterest telling them exactly what your board is about.







In this example, you can see a clear keyworded title followed by a natural worded keyword-rich description.


6. Pin Descriptions

In my opinion, the most important part of mastering Pinterest SEO is mastering using keywords in pin descriptions. Want to know a secret? It’s not nearly as hard as it sounds! Remember that list of keywords we wrote after searching our content idea earlier? Now is the time to put that list to work. One tip – you don’t want to overload your description with a bunch of keywords. That’s called keyword stuffing and it will only hurt you. Write your descriptions based on how you would want to read them. I recently posted a pin about how to write a great blog post. My description included a simple description that read – Want to learn how to write a great blog that is fully optimized and ready to post? Click to learn more at secretsofawahm.com  A natural description that’s full of the keywords I want to rank for and a clear call to action.

Keywords should match across Pinterest and your content. You know the old expression “kill two birds with one stone?” This easily applies to SEO. You can use your Pinterest keywords in your blog’s content to help your Google ranking.  Here are a few examples of how to use the same keywords across Pinterest and your content.








7. Content URL

Where is your pin going? The url for your pin should include the keywords you used for your pin. For example – for this post my keywords are Pinterest SEO and my url reads http://www.secretsofawahm.com/secrets-to-mastering-Pinterest-seo See, what I mean? The more you signal to Pinterest about what your content is about, the better you will rank. Remember when I told you earlier that this process is pretty simple? Research a keyword to use for your content and then create a piece of content and coordinating pins using those keywords. Easy enough, right?

8. Content Title

The title of your content should match the title of your pin as close as possible. Again, use this post for example – Learn the Secrets to Mastering Pinterest SEO. It’s the title of my blog content and also easily found on my pins. You can use variations of your title on additional pins, but you still want your signal to Pinterest to be strong. I might title future pins – This is what I did to Master Pinterest’s SEO or Confused by SEO and Pinterest? Let me help. You can see my keywords are still the focus.

9. Consistency

It is of utmost importance that your pin matches a destination. If your pin is about 10 things to do in Disney and it takes me to a post about a singles cruise I’m not going to revisit your website. I know this sounds silly, but you have no idea how often this happens. Simply make sure your content matches and be consistent.

Final thoughts,

Pinterest SEO does not need to be complicated. Take it one day at a time and keep it simple.

  • Research your keywords
  • Write your post
  • Create high quality pins
  • Use keywords in your pin title, description, board titles and board descriptions
  • Watch your numbers soar


Pinterest is a bloggers’ best friend. Without content creators where would Pinterest be? Nowhere! You are helping make the platform great but adding your own quality content. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below.

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Happy Pinning!