If you are a longtime reader of Secrets of a Work a Home Mom you know my mission is clearly stated in my name – sharing my secrets.

One of my ultimate blogging secrets includes using an automation tool that is responsible for my SKYROCKETING blog traffic and my viral pin!

If you haven’t guess what tool that is yet let me tell you it’s Tailwind! Tailwind is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself as a blogger. There are so many benefits to using an automation tool like Tailwind that includes allowing you to work on other blogging tasks knowing your content is still being shared.  My goal with Secrets of a Work at Home Mom is to make your journey to work at home success as painless as possible.

Automation services like Tailwind are a no brainer. Yes, there are parts of using Tailwind that is very time-consuming {more on that in a bit}, but the benefits are well worth the time investment.

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Ok, let’s do This!

Is Tailwind the Secret to Getting Traffic? Y-E-S!


Time Saver!

As a busy work at home Mom what’s better than saving time? Ummm…nothing?!? If you are anything like me I’m always looking for a shortcut to help in all aspects of my life.  Tailwind is a massive time saver.! Did you know that with Tailwind you could schedule a bulk of your pins at ONE TIME? I’m talking 20, 25, 50 or even 100 pins at ONE time! Isn’t that crazy? Yes, 100 pins is an extreme example, but I want you to know that it can be done. Tailwind is one of the main ways I was able to take a chunk of time off last Summer to spend with my family. To begin all you need is the Tailwind Chrome Extension. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE using Chrome? It’s lightning fast and has tons of extensions I can use to help my blog run more efficiently. I love it so much that I invested in a Google Chromebook, which is easily one of the best decisions I made since I started Secrets of a Work at Home Mom. 

SECRET #1 – Tailwind is an APPROVED Pinterest Partner!

Once you download the Chrome Extension, you can save any image from any website to schedule for later. You will notice a little Tailwind logo when you hover your mouse over any photo on the internet. It’s pretty amazing.

Storytime – When I first signed up for Tailwind I was completely overwhelmed. So much so that I didn’t start using it until THREE months after I initially signed up. Believe me, I get it. This post will hopefully offer some guidance so you don’t feel as overwhelmed as I was when I first joined Tailwind.



Wait, What is Automated Pinning?

Before we get into the meat and potatoes of Tailwind I think it’s important that we understand what it means when I say automated pinning. In a nutshell, automated pinning is a tool that allows you to schedule your pins instead of sitting on Pinterest for hours a day manually pinning your pins. Remember I told ya Tailwind is a huge time saver – I wouldn’t joke about such things 🙂 Being able to schedule my pins on Tailwind has been a game changer for me. and given me a H-U-G-E traffic boost! Automated pinning is responsible for a huge chunk of my blog’s traffic. Are you struggling to get traffic to your blog than Tailwind is a must have for you! You will see results FAST. The first month about I implemented a proper Tailwind strategy my monthly Pinterest views went from 40k – 350k which translated into getting over 10k pageviews in the first month I implemented my Tailwind strategy. Pretty awesome, right? You could see a surge in your traffic in a mere days after using Tailwind.  Look at my stats from one week of switching things up on Tailwind.


Have I mentioned the best part? You can get a FREE 30 Day Trial for Tailwind with my link: After that, it’s $15 per month – a smart and wise investment!

Great! But When Should I Pin?

Excellent question! When should you pin? What if I told you Tailwind takes the guessing out of the best time to pin? Tailwind has a tool called the Smart Schedule which shows you exactly what times your followers are most active on Pinterest. Imagine pinning at the exact time your followers are on Pinterest. Doesn’t that sound amazing? Well, with Tailwind you can do exactly that!

Let’s break down the Smart Schedule

The highlighted times note the slots I have already selected for my pins to be published. DO NOT be alarmed by the numbers next to the days of the week. Personally, I pin a TON of content, but that’s because I have a TON of content. If you are just started out I recommend pinning 15-25 times per day and you should include a mix of your own content and others. A great way to get more content to pin is by creating multiple pins for your post. On average I have 10 pins per post, but again that’s above average. My advice is to create 3-5 pins per post. This way you have more pieces of content to add into your Tailwind queue.


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Some notes about why my schedule is so intense:

  • Traffic: You need traffic to be a successful blogger. In my experience, the more I pin, the more traffic I receive. It seems simple, but it works! Pinterest has over 250 million users per month. What are you going to do to get those eyeballs on your content? You are going to pin!
  • Time: You will notice I pin at crazy times 1:30 am, 4 am etc. etc. Try to keep in mind not all of your readers are in the same time zone. Tailwind gave us the gift of showing us when our users are most active it’s up to us to use the Smart Schedule effectively. This is EASILY one of the top reasons I L-O-V-E Tailwind. I can still reach my audience when I am fast asleep. Who wants to be manually pinning at 3 am? NOT this girl, that’s for sure!!




Board Lists: What are they and how can you use them?

Board lists are going to make you want to jump through the screen and give the creators of Tailwind a big ‘ole hug. By creating board lists you are cutting your pinning time in half. If I wanted I could pin something to all of my group boards {using a timed interval – no one is spamming here!} in a matter of minutes. My strategy includes a different looping strategy, but none the less it can be done. Do Not sleep on board lists. They are very easy to create,

For now, you can find the board lists section under Publisher on the lefthand side of your Tailwind dashboard.





Board lists are exactly what you think  – a list of boards made up of the same topic. By using board lists you can assign a pin to all the boards on a list at ONE TIME!  My board lists include:

  • Pinterest Strategies
  • Working from Home
  • Mom Life
  • Passive Income
  • Social Media
  • Holiday Specific (I have a board list for each holiday and the corresponding boards}
  • All of my group boards broken day by day

You can create board lists based on your own site’s needs.

PRO TIP: Create board lists for your relevant boards so you can pin a new pin to them first. For example, this post will be pinned to my Pinterest boards first. I have a board list called Pinterest Strategies which includes my boards relevant to Pinterest including:

  • Pinterest Tips
  • Pinterest for Beginners
  • Pinterest SEO
  • Pinterest Marketing

This way you can automatically schedule you a new pin to your relevant boards first using Tailwind. This is a sure fire way to be successful on Pinterest. Automated pinning makes the process so simple!


Let’s Fill Up Your Tailwind Queue

Think of your Tailwind queue as the waiting room. Your pins are technically pre-scheduled so they need a place to relax while they wait to be published.

You will see pictures on the pins you have assigned to the time slots on your Smart Schedule. Where are you going to find pins to fill your queue that are not your own?

Tailwind Tribes! 

WOO – HOO! We have made it to my FAVORITE part of Tailwind. Yes, scheduling your own pins is a great step in skyrocketing your traffic, but it’s only one piece of the puzzle. In my experience, Tailwind Tribes are the essential piece to exploding your traffic using Tailwind.

Tailwind Tribes is a tool within Tailwind that gives you the opportunity to share your content with other bloggers and in return, you share their content. Sound familiar? I’m sure it does because this system is very similar to Pinterest group boards, but Tailwind Tribes provide an easier opportunity for your content to get shared. It is also much easier into high-quality Tailwind Tribes vs high-quality Pinterest group boards.

Most tribes require you to share other content and are very strict about members of their Tribes sharing content. See why its a win/win?  Want to know a secret? Tailwind Tribes is completely free to try!!! How exciting is that? Only one small downside, you will not get the same traffic impact with the free version as you will when you power-ups. However, I highly recommend getting your feet wet with the free version of Tailwind before you upgrade.

SOLD! How do I find Tribes to join?

Finding a Tailwind Tribe to join is actually fairly simple. Yes, I know this keeps getting better and better! When you are on the main Tailwind dashboard is click on Tribes on the left-hand side and then Find a Tribe. Run a quick search based on your niche and VIOLA you will be presented with a list of tribes to join. Certain tribes, you will be able to join immediately and others you will have to apply to join { do NOT worry – its sooooo much easier applying to a Tribe vs a Group Board}.


If you are in a rush to start adding to tribes there are plenty of public tribe options to help you get started. Once you get accustomed to using tribes then you can spend the time applying to private tribes that require a request to join.

Evaluating Tribe Stats

One of the most important things you should do before you join a tribe is to check the activity level of the tribe. It’s the green (or blue) mini graph showing you how active the tribe members are for each particular tribe. If there is one bar filled in on the graph that is not an active tribe and therefore not worth your time and effort. If possible, try to find a tribe that has both a lot of members and a high activity level because this usually means its a fast moving tribe. Super active tribes will help you get your content shared quickly.


That’s a Wrap!

Let’s be clear about one thing – we have only just begun to dive into the benefits of Tailwind. In my opinion, Tailwind is the best tool for bloggers that want to gain exposure and build a following. Automation is a key changer! Just imagine freeing up time to take on other blog tasks.

Personally, Tailwind has given me the opportunity to produce more content quickly and efficiently. The days of me spending hours on Pinterest are long gone!  Instead, I run my Pinterest account on autopilot while still bringing in over 20k views a month without missing a beat.

Are you reading to get started? Remember you can join Tailwind FREE for 30 days. What’s stopping you? Get on over to Tailwind, follow these steps and watch your traffic EXPLODE!



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