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Halloween is on it's way! October is finally here, and you know what that means? That' right, our annual Halloween countdown has officially started! In our family, we love using seasonal stories to help celebrate the holidays. Basically, its another excuse for us to read as a family amongst other things. This month we will be focusing on stories all about Halloween, 13 stories to be exact.  I take our countdown a step further by wrapping the books in festive wrap and letting the kids open one book each night. Here's a list of 13 of our favorite Halloween stories. 

Countdown to Halloween Favorites:

Day 1: The Spooky Wheels on the Bus

My little girl loves The Wheels on the Bus song more than most children. This book is a fun take on the classic children's song. The perfect selection to kick off our Halloween countdown. 


Day 2: Little Blue Truck's Halloween

The Little Blue Truck series is a favorite in this house. In this story, the Little Blue Truck is picking up his animal friends for a fun costume party. We especially love that this book includes flaps to lift for an extra slice of fun!


Day 3: Room on the Broom

Mama's personal favorite! I looooooooooooooooove Room on the Broom. An adorable story about a witch that loses her hat, bow and wand.  The items are recovered by some animals below and all they want in return is a ride on the broom. Is there enough room? I guess we will have to find out!

Day 4: Pete the Cat: Trick or Pete

Pete is my son's favorite fictional character.  He loves this book so much because he can relate to Pete. Pete loves dressing up and trick or treating, but doesn't love scary things. I'm sure my 6yr old isn't the only one that feels the same as Pete 🙂

Day 5:  The Itsy Bitsy Pumpkin

A seasonal spin on the classic tale of an Itsy Bitsy Spider.

Day 6:  Laugh out Loud Spooky Jokes for Kids

“How does a Monster like his coffee?  With scream and sugar!”  My son is currently obsessed with telling jokes. Of course, he thinks he's the funniest person alive. As soon as I saw this Halloween themed joke book I immediately picked it up for him. Its a great way to break up the storybooks. Who doesn't love to laugh?

Day 7: 10 Trick Or Treaters

This has been a family favorite since my son was a baby. It's a wonderful story that helps the reader learn to countdown from 10.

Day 8: Pumpkin Jack

A wonderful story about a boy named Tim who craved his first pumpkin, Jack. Once Jack starts to rot Tim watches all the changes Jack goes through. An amazing book to help children learn about the lifecycle of the pumpkin.

Day 9: Big Pumpkin

A witch grows the biggest pumpkin and cannot wait to make pumpkin pie {my favorite!}. Unfortunately, the pumpkin is way too big to get off the vine. The ghost can't help. The vampire can't help. They are running out of ideas until a bat fly's in with an idea that might save the day!

Day 10: Pumpkin Soup

Three friends, a squirrel, duck and cat love to make pumpkin soup. They do the same job each time they make the soup until the duck decides he wants to switch jobs with his friends. The duck leaves after their argument and  his friends begin worry.  Will the work out their problems?   This book is GORGEOUS! The illustrations are beautiful. BONUS: a recipe for delicious pumpkin soup is included at the end.

Day 11:  Halloween Hustle

Skeleton is dancing up the street dancing the Halloween Hustle, but he keeps breaking his bones. Will he be able to stay together long enough to make it to the biggest Halloween Party of the season?

Day 12:  Happy Halloween Stinky Face

Once again Stinky Face has a question about Halloween and Mama has the perfect answer {hmm, sounds like my house}.  Let's see if Stinky Face can settle on a costume and enjoy Halloween with his friends.

Day 13: The Night Before Halloween

The Night Before series are a staple in our household. What better way to celebrate the night before Halloween than with a story dedicated to what happens the night before the big day!







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