The Secret Blogging Tools All the Experts Use

When starting a blog, it can be overwhelming to sift through all of the information and resources available. Each and every day I use a variety of resources to keep this blog up and running. Many people call them tools. The tools you need to build your successful blog I hope you find them useful, but if you need assistance, please do not be afraid to ask.

Disclaimer: Many of the items below contain affiliate links, which means if you click on any of the links and purchase I make a small commission. Read my full disclosure information here


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Siteground~ You know Siteground is my jam! Their customer service is second to none and perfect for those that are not tech savvy. Siteground’s user dashboard is so user-friendly, and they offer a wide variety of affordable hosting packages.

Tailwind Let’s face it time = money. I do not have time to manually pin enough to make my blog a success, Tailwind saves me a ton of time and has allowed my Pinterest presence to grow rapidly with very little time. I spend about an hour a week and schedule my ENTIRE week’s worth of pins. Tailwind’s Tribes feature is a fabulous tool that allows to find amazing pins to add to your queue and collaborate with fellow bloggers in your niche. Tailwind allows you to form relationships with your follow tribe friends which helps you increase traffic to your blog.

Ebates~I buy everything I need for my home and business online and get paid to shop! Did you know Ebates pays for you to shop online?!? You earn a small commission on every online purchase you make using their software, and their marketplace is HUGE. You can find many of your favorite online retailers including Amazon, Etsy, Sephora, etc.

Convertkit The key to blogging success is to have an active mailing list. Convertkit is a bit on the pricer side, but it’s by far and away the best list building service out there. Their form and land page creation tools are simple to use, once again for those of us that aren’t tech savvy. Convertkit saves you time and allows to interact with your followers much easier! If you want to run a profitable business, you must have a great list building tool from day 1.

Pic Monkey & Canva Hi again! Me, the techless wonder. I don’t know about you, but I struggle BIG TIME when it comes to graphic design. Shout out to those Photoshop masterminds, I wish I had your skill set. Thankfully PicMonkey and Canva make it so easy to create gorgeous branding images for your blog. Both platforms are so simple that even my 6y old can use them.

Creative Market  Creative Market is my go-to for everything brand related. You can find everything you need in one place, but probably from different sellers {just something to note}. The digital art marketplace is your one-stop shop for themes, social media templates (you can use with canva – score!}, Opt in templates, fonts, stock photography and so much more. Want to know something even better? Every Monday they send you an assortment of freebies, and it’s not your garden variety – I’m never going to use any of this free junk – its top of the line free digital art you can easily incorporate into your blog.

Grammarly I use a Grammarly to help improve the writing of my posts. Grammarly ensures that my grammar is correct, words are spelled correctly, and proper punctuation is in place on all my posts

Send Owl   A great resource to send digital items to your clients.

Pretty Links A service that allows you to turn ugly, long links into pretty links. You can make any word into a link with this service. Its a must for anyone that wants dabble in affiliate marketing

 Learning Resources

Maybe you are a beginner blogger just starting out or perhaps you want to brush up on some of your skills, whatever level you are on these courses come HIGHLY recommended. No one woke up knowing everything there is to know about blogging, even the biggest names in the business continue to educate themselves daily. These are the courses that got me started, helped me earn money and lead me to success.

Start a Mom Blog Suzi, is a POWERHOUSE blogger. Suzi runs an incredible blog over at a and lucky us she shares the secrets of her success in her ebook – Blog by Number. It’s a step by step guide to get your blog up, running and profitable. I would never have been able to start on this journey with this book. It’s a must-have!

How to Earn your First Affiliate Sale in 24hrs  Woah. This book changed my life, and I’m usually not this dramatic. It’s super affordable and chock full of fantastic information. House of Brazen will teach you all the tips and tricks to get you your first affiliate sale within 24hrs. You will love this book! It’s an easy read, and more importantly, her steps are easy to follow.

Pinterest Ninja ~ Pinterest, the holy grail of online marketing. For a new user, Pinterest can be overwhelming. Megan breaks it down, so you increase your Pinterest presence quickly and easily. Once you complete Megan’s book Pinterest Ninja, you will see drastic changes in your blog’s traffic. Megan’s Facebook groups is a FABULOUS resource for all blogger’s.

Ten Best Affiliate Tips for Brand Spankin' New Bloggers

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