It’s beginning to look a lot like Amazon Prime season! If you are anything like me you love shopping on Amazon. What’s not to love?!? Shopping from the comfort of my home, hot coffee, and pants optional?  Oh yeaaaaah!  Free two-day shipping yes, please! C’mon the pot gets sweeter and sweeter! I have been an Amazon Prime member for years now and I have zero regrets. As we approach the holiday season I think it’s important for people to maximize their Amazon  Prime membership.  Are you aware that the free two shipping is only one benefit of Amazon Prime? There is so much more to an Amazon prime membership than just free two shipping. One thing tons of prime members are enjoying is Amazon’s streaming service. A Netflix style service directly from Amazon. Let’s chat more about the benefits of having Amazon Prime

Streaming –

  1. Prime Video similar to Netflix now offers original content, movies, and television shows. It’s extremely to access on your devices. The best part for me is being able to watch their programming offline – perfect for travel! Their original programming is top notch including Jack Ryan, The Amazing Mrs. Maizel, The Romanoff’s and much more. There are a  HUGE video library and access to fan favorite television favorites including my favorite – Friday Night Lights.
  2. Same Day Shipping – we are all aware that Amazon has lightning fast two-day shipping but did you know that SAME DAY shipping is now available in many areas? It’s a lifesaver for me.  The one downside is you need to meet a $35 threshold in order to qualify for same day shipping but how difficult is that to do on Amazon? Easy peasy if you ask me 😉
  3. Prime NOW –  a personal favorite. This is not available everywhere but it is worth checking if its available in your area. You can have groceries, toys, clothes and more delivered directly to your home in 2hrs or less. Honestly, it’s a busy Mom’s dream!
  4.  Prime Pantry – another win for Moms everywhere! Pantry staples delivered to you for FREE. You do need to      hit a certain price point before they will deliver or you will be charged a $5.99 delivery fee
  5.   Restaraunt Delivery – as a NYer this is a HUGE perk to my Amazon membership. There are so many delicious restaurants to choose from from
  6. Unlimited Photo Storage – I was thrilled to see this was now a Prime benefit because as a Mom who takes a bajillion photos this is something I desperately needed. How about you? Do you love taking photos of your kiddos?
  7. Early Access to Lightning Deals- You may not know but Amazon has great deals happening all the time – most of which are timed – hence the “lightning”. As a Prime member, you get early access to these deals. The week leading up to Black Friday, on Black Friday and Cyber Monday these deals are NOT to be missed!
  8. Kindle Benefits-As part of your Prime subscription, you get access to the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library, which allows you check out one e-book per month and read that book on any Kindle e-reader or Fire tablet.  However, the selection isn’t great which means no new releases or best sellers. Still worth checking out!
  9. Limited Music Streaming –Amazon Prime Music includes unlimited, ad-free access to a song library stocked with over 2 million tracks!!!  Old school Hip Hop is my jam but I’m usually listening to the Trolls soundtrack but at least I know its available! You can stream them to various devices, but songs can also be downloaded to your phone or tablet for offline listening. Another get travel benefit! Please note– This is a limited service and not to be confused with Amazon Music Unlimited which is a subscription-based service.
  10. Release Day Delivery Service – Did you order the latest tech product? A newly released movie? A book from your favorite author? With your Amazon Prime Membership you get something called Release Day Delivery which means you get your preordered product on the day it’s released. I personally LOVE this benefit. I preorder a lot of things.

What’s NOT included in your Amazon Prime Membership?

Amazon Fresh – Amazon’s grocery delivery service is not included in your Amazon Prime Membership. A membership is required to use Amazon Fresh but it costs an additional $14.99 on top on your Amazon Prime Membership.

Kindle FreeTime Unlimited -This subscription service is designed for the younger crowd specifically,  ages 3 to 12. FreeTime Unlimited includes kid-friendly apps, e-books, games, movies, TV shows and more.  It’s compatible with Kindles, Fire tablets and the Fire TV, and it includes parental controls!

A Prime subscription is not necessary to get FreeTime Unlimited, but it’s cheaper with a membership: $2.99 per month for one child or $6.99 per month for up to four children. If you don’t have Prime, it costs $4.99 and $9.99, respectively.

Kindle Unlimited –

Kindle Unlimited combines Prime Reading and Audible Channels, you get access to a library {limited} of e-books, magazines, and audiobooks, all of which you can access on all devices. However, it’s ridiculously priced for such limited options at $9.99 a month. It’s not worth it in my opinion. Anyone have it and love it? Let me know in the comments.

Final Thoughts

An Amazon Prime Membership has tons of benefits even more than mentioned in this post. It’s cost-effective and easy to use. In our house, our Prime membership is used daily between shopping, music, and videos. The benefits far outweigh the cost, but that’s us. You need to do what’s best for your family. Do you have an Amazon Prime Membership? Yes? No? Let me know in the comments!

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