8 Secrets Pinterest Tips To Help Your Traffic Explode!

By now you know Pinterest is the key to blogging success. The question I get asked the most is “How did you grow your Pinterest so quickly” or “Do you have any secrets to getting more traffic?” Today we are going to discuss how to use Pinterest to help explode your site’s traffic. Pinterest isn’t just for blogging. Pinterest is a wonderful resource for small business owners, artists, service providers, coaches, graphic designers and so many more. The first secret I’m going to share is Pinterest is quite simple ::GASP:: Right now I’m sure you’re saying…What? Pinterest is simple? You must be joking! From my experience, people are quick to complicate Pinterest. Let’s breakdown the exact steps you need to take to help your traffic explode. Remember practice makes perfect!

Are you ready to learn how to grow your Pinterest account, get more followers and explode your traffic? Let’s do this! Keep in mind I’m no expert, but this is what works for me.

Before we begin everyone’s business or blog is different. These 8 steps work for Secrets of a Work at Home Mom, but your results may vary. Pinterest is all about testing and trial and error. As a blogger and business owner, it is easy to fall in love with Pinterest. It’s a wonderful FREE resource for bloggers and small business owners. Don’t give up. Find what works for you and you will see results! I would love it if you shared your own Pinterest secrets and tips in the comment section.

This is what I did to grow my Pinterest quickly. In keeping with traditions – I’m sharing my secrets! Let’s get started:

Step 1 – Upgrade your Pinterest account to a Business Account

The very first step you need to do is make sure you upgrade your Pinterest account to a business account. It’s free and only take a few minutes to set-up. None of the following steps will work or make sense if you don’t have a Pinterest business account.

Step 2 – Multiple Pins

For every blog post your create you should design 3-4 pins. The best way to not get overwhelmed to creating multiple pins is fairly simple – make it part of your blog post routine. Before you hit publish on a post I’m sure you create a pin in order to promote it immediately, right? Instead of designing 1 pin, create 4 more right as you create the first one. This will become second nature and you will no longer feel like a chore. Templates are an amazing way to save time when creating pins and allow you to create different styled pins which help tremendously when testing what works with your audience. Pin templates can be created in Canva, but if you are graphically challenged like me then Creative Market is the place for you. Here are a few of the pin templates I purchased for myself:

Step 3 – Size your pins correctly

If you’ve been around for a minute you know that Pinterest went through massive changes in 2018.  One of the biggest changes came with pin sizing. Before the Pinterest overhaul in ‘18 giraffe pins or super long pins {740×1600} did very well on Pinterest. However, these days the longer pins get cut off in the Smart Feed. Now if you are a content creator your best bet is to create pins that are 600 x 900. Here are an example of my 3 best-performing pins

*NOTICE the different design styles. Branded pins did NOT work for my blog. I need to switch it up.

Step 4 – Relevant personal boards

Another major change to Pinterest comes in the form of boards. Pinterest best practices use to focus a ton of attention on the use of group boards. You add your new pin to a group board and then share a pin from another group member.  At one point this topped the list of tips to get traffic to your blog quickly. Today group boards are not the best ways to build your Pinterest page and gain traffic. Instead, you should focus your attention on your own personal Pinterest boards. The best advice it to have at least 4-6 boards you can post your pins too and then post you pin to your relevant personal boards first. As always you should space out your pins, which means you should not pin your newest pins to all of your relevant boards at one time.  Pinterest likes to see new pins spaced at least one day apart. Example: Your new pin goes to relevant board 1 on Monday, relevant board 2 on Tuesday, relevant board 3 on Wednesday and so on. A example from Secrets of a Work at Home Mom: one of my best-performing pins was for my post about my family’s Christmas tradition. For my first pin I had 6 relevant boards I could pin too including: Christmas traditions, Christmas ideas, Holiday celebrations, Fun ways to celebrate Christmas, Christmas for kids and Christmas. Six relevant boards for one pin. My impressions for that pin went through the rough and it garnered tons of traffic for my blog {7k in one week!}  I wanted to continue the momentum so I created a new pin for my Christmas tradition every week until the holiday season ended. The combo of relevant boards and new pins are winning set when it comes to growing your Pinterest reach.

Step 5  – Keywords

Adding a keyword rich description to your board and pins is a must if you want to grow your Pinterest. When I surveyed my followers one of their biggest struggles is using long tail keywords to improve their SEO for both Pinterest and their website. Let me tell you a little secret when it comes to increasing your Pinterest SEO using long tail keywords…use the Pinterest search bar! Yes, it’s that simple. Writing a post about the best apps for new Moms? Search it on Pinterest. Use your search results to find your long tail keywords. Once you figure out what keywords you want to use make sure you write a proper board description using your keyword and then a pin description using the same keyword. By using keywords to write your description you are sending a signal to Pinterest detailing exactly what your post is about, which will help you rank higher in Pinterest’s Smart Feed.

Step 6 – Sign up for Tailwind

Tailwind is an amazing tool that can help you put your Pinterest on autopilot while driving traffic to your site. One of the greatest benefits to using Tailwind are Tailwind Tribes. In my opinion, Tailwind Tribes are a fast and easy way to build your traffic quickly. Before the changes came to Pinterest last year I already shifted my focus away from group boards and onto Tailwind Tribes and I can say it was the BEST investment I made for my business. Yes, you need to set aside a chunk of time each week to schedule your pins and share your tribemates content but it is so worth it. An hour week for 10k+ visitors a month seems like a no brainer to me! Tailwind is a must if you want to grow your Pinterest quickly.

Step 7 –  Use Hashtags

Hashtags on Pinterest are a highly debated topic. Do they work? How many should you include? Should I use my own hashtag? The answer I found that works for me – hashtags don’t hurt. For each pin, I always try to include 3-5 hashtags that make sense. This is one topic I continue to research and play around with but felt it was worth mentioning.


The number one key to growing your Pinterest account is being consistent. Were you unable to write a new post this week? No problem! Instead, create new pins for your older content.  The key to growing your Pinterest account is feeding it fresh new content as often as possible and making pins for old pieces of content is a great way to keep things growing. Make a plan to grow your Pinterest and stick to it. My plan includes using Tailwind, several new pins for every piece of content, new pins for old content, and pinning at least 3 new pins each day {that includes a mix of new content and old. This plan has worked wonders for Secrets of a Work at Home Mom. I hope it works for you, too!

Happy Pinning!

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