17 Fast and EASY Ways to Grow Your Blog Traffic

Let’s face it as bloggers traffic is everything. As a new blogger, your blog traffic might be very low,  which can make many Bloggers feel like quitting. Our ability to be productive dwindles if we don’t see results quickly. Blog traffic is an essential part of success. Did you know you could easily grow your traffic quickly every day with seventeen easy to follow steps? I know its true b/c I did it! I was able to triple my blog’s traffic by only working on my blog 15 minutes per day some days. Traffic numbers will start to grow as you implement these steps.

Productivity is being able to do things that you were never able to do before

How to Stay Productive While Working on your Blog.

1, Research Pinterest Keywords.for an upcoming blog post. Keywords are an essential part of SEO, but it only takes a few minutes to find the best keywords for your next post. Allow yourself 15 minutes of research time. Researching keywords is a task you can complete while the kids are eating lunch, during a movie night or even on your phone at the beach. You will feel you accomplished something and it only took your 15 minutes. You can enjoy family time while still completing a task that will help your blog grow.






2. Watch a webinar, course lesson or live video from one of your favorite Bloggers. Many of these videos are 15-30minutes in length and easy to watch on all your devices. Summer is a fantastic time to educate yourself. Education is key to your blog’s success. Profitable blogs are ones where the owner took the time to learn as much as they could about blogging. Some of my favorites include:



Affiliate Marketing



3. Batch your content. Summer is the perfect time to plan your content for the remainder of the year. Pick a theme and brainstorm 2-5 post ideas based off the theme. Some ideas include Pinterest tips, fall recipes, back to school tips and tricks, mom advice, clean living and so much more depends on your blogging niche. Want to know how I batch my content for the entire year in 1 hour – download my Secrets to Content Creation Calendar and Guide.



4. Pinterest Groups.  Take 15 minutes 2 -3 days a week while you are drinking your coffee, having lunch or at the pool to join more group boards. Remember niche specific boards perform MUCH better with the new changes over at Pinterest.  I have three high performing group boards you are welcome to join today.

Work at Home Secrets

Blogging Secrets

Social Media Secrets


5. Record.    Thinking of creating a course? Record one of your video lessons. During the Summer months, I make it a priority to wake up an hour before my children. This is fairly easy because my kids enjoy sleeping in during the warmer months. I am able to record most of my videos during the hours before wake-up, but if you don’t have that option many video’s can be recorded in 15 minute increments and edited later on with the editing software of your choice. Try to find 15 minutes each day and you could have a full course load full of videos before the kids go back to school! If you aren’t creating a course consider recording a LIVE video for your Facebook group or hosting a webinar. Video creation is the wave of the future. You want to start creating video content sooner rather than later.


Until we can manage time, we can manage nothing else


6.Brainstorm. Outline, prewrite or draft your next blog post. Outlining a blog post allows you to stay on track while only taking a small piece of time out of your day..

7. Design. Design a new pin. I use Canva to create all of my pins. The best part about Canva is having the ability to save your templates. It only takes minutes to create a new pin once you have your template saved. If you do not have your own branded templates don’t fret because Canva has HUNDREDS of templates to choose from covering all social media platforms. With the new Pinterest changes in place having new pins {even for old content} is key. Every Sunday I take 30 mins to create all new pins for the week, but if I have something schedule I try to make a new pin every morning so my content stays fresh.

8. Schedule. Start one of your mornings each week by scheduling your pins with Tailwind. By using Tailwind and Tailwind alone I was able to increase my Pinterest views like crazy. Here’s some proof!

9. Emails. Write your weekly email. Once you get the process down this should not take more than 10 minutes. This is a task you could easily complete while the kids get dressed or watch a television.

10. Instagram. Post a photo with an engaging caption. Record an IG story. IG stories have proven to increase engagement with your followers nearly 50% more than a standard IG post. If you want to secure sponsored posts then IG stories are key to success. Some examples of IG stories include:

  • an office tour

  • mom advice

  • sales pitch

  • travel tips

  • making a new recipe

  • wellness Wednesday

11. Update.  When it comes to blogging updating things to fit the times is key. Update your Pinterest descriptions, your blog links, old pots or blog titles. Whenever you think things can improve you should take the time to update your blog.

12. Manual Pinning. Using a scheduler like Tailwind is amazing, but you should still try to manually pin every day. Pinterest loves to see active users on their platform and manually pinning allows them to see you are active even without a scheduler. Your Pinterest analytics will reflect a combination of using manually pinning and a scheduler.

13.. Lists. Make a list of eye-catching blog titles for posts you want to write in the future. Write out what pins you need to create and when you are going to create them this week.

14. Course Creation. Sign up for Teachable. Creating an account only takes a few minutes. Once you officially sign up you can begin brainstorming your first course. Having your own product to promote is a great way to increase your monthly income from your blog.

15. Affiliate Marketing Join a new affiliate program. Summer is a perfect time to prepare for Q4 and the upcoming holiday season. Most bloggers make a bulk of their income in Q4 so use the Summer to apply to new affiliate programs to start increasing your blogging income.



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16. Plan. Writing down a plan helps you tackle your goals. I use an ERIN CONDREN life planner. Every Sunday night I take 30 minutes out of my night to plan the upcoming week. I include all the tasks included in this list and assign them day/time to complete. Since its the Summer you need to allow yourself some grace. Not all days will go according to plan and that’s ok.





17. HAVE FUN. Yes, you can still grow your blog in the Summer and all year round with the above time-saving tasks, but don’t forget to have fun. We only have eighteen Summers with our kids so be sure to make it count. Your blog will still be there when you get back in September. You can continue to grow and nurture your blog in 15-30mins a day but the rest should be devoted to having as much fun as possible!!



The Takeaway

Summer traffic definitely takes a nose dive, but by adding this time-saving hacks into your weekly schedule you can continue to grow your blog through the Summer slump. By taking a little time away from your blog you might even find yourself recharged and ready to attack Q4 with some gusto. Be sure you schedule these tasks with how they best fit your family dynamic because every family is different. Enjoy your Summer and do whatever you can to stay productive – but always remember to allow yourself some grace.



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