These 10 Time hacks for the work at home Mom can be a game changer! Working at home is no easy feat. It’s a constant juggle trying to balance everything on your plate. You are trying to find time to work, clean, cook, be a Mom and spend quality time with your husband. Believe me, I get it. When I started my work at home journey seven years ago I was constantly filled with guilt and knew something needed to change. Making small shifts in my time management system was the key to my sanity. Here’s 10 Time Hacks for the Work at Home Mom. Are you ready to learn the 10 time hacks for the work at home Mom that can help change your work at home life?


Time Hack #1 – Prioritize your Tasks.

This week Suzi from Start a Mom Blog had Abbi from Successful Freelance Moms on her LIVE series and it was a game changer. If you can’t a chance I HIGHLY recommend giving it a rewatch. Be honest with yourself – you aren’t going to get E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G on your to-do list done in one day. Yes, I know you are superwoman but you need to set priorities. Prioritize your to-do list by breaking it down by must do, hope to do, and can do tomorrow. It’s best to write out everything you need to get done but to break it down into priorities. For example, cooking three meals a day isn’t a priority for me that’s why meal prepping is my saving grace!

PRO TIP: Give yourself 1 must do work task each day so you don’t feel like your business is suffering. It could be something as simple as designing a new pin.

Time Hack #2 – Set a Routine

Try to create a daily routine you can stick too because this will help you manage your time with ease. Give yourself blocks of time to get your tasks done. If you did know this is called time blocking. Time blocking is my ultimate secret to managing my time as a work at home Mom. Here’s an example I use when scheduling my time:

5am – 6am – Pin my 10 new pins for the day

6am-6:30am – Check my Google Analytics from the previous day

6:30am – 8am – Morning routines, eat breakfast, school drop off

8am – 10am – Set my Tailwind Schedule for the day a and outline my next blog post

You can get a general idea of how time blocking assists in making your super productive.

PRO TIP: Time block all the things. It might sound ridiculous to put “play with my kids” into your routine, but if it’s blocked out you will make the time! If you are forced to stop and focus on just your family you will notice a shift in your guilt.

Time Hack # 3 – Self Care

This one is HUGE. You will be useless if you do not take care of yourself. Managing your stress level needs to be part of your schedule. That includes scheduling some me time. Remember, if you set something as a priority it will happen. When I started to prioritize my self-care routine my productivity levels soared. I make sure I get a weekly manicure, take a long hot bath on Sunday night, or going for date nights. Practicing self-care will make you better at every other part of your life. How can you take care of your others if you don’t take care of yourself?

PRO TIP: Schedule at least 1 hour per week for some Mom self-care. This could include binge watching HGTV while eating a bag of chips {this is a NO judgment zone} just make sure it gets on your schedule.

Time Hack #4 – Be Selective

Do you need to get everything done at once? The answer – NO! Remember, when we discussed prioritizing your tasks well being selective takes it even further. You need to focus your what you NEED to do not what you WANT to do. The difference between needing to do something and wanting to do something can have a profound impact on your productivity.

Time Hack #5 Set Deadlines

Set deadlines for your business. Do you write one blog post per week – set a deadline for it. For example, I set a deadline of 6am Monday morning for my weekly blog post to go live. Deadlines hold you accountable. Do you have a weekly to – do list? Make a deadline for every.single.thing on that list. By setting deadlines you will see your productivity increase dramatically.


Time Hack #6 STOP Multitasking.

Seriously. STOP! Multitasking is literally asking your brain to multiply itself to go in different directions. Once you stop splitting your attention in 10 different directions you will get a lot more done. Focus on one task at a time. Will it take you longer to get things done? YES! Will you make less mistakes? YES. To me its worth things taking longer knowing they are getting done correctly. I would much rather be efficient than fast. Once you a complete a task fully you can move on to the next one.

Time Hack # 7 Wake Up Early

Wait, am I saying I want you to wake up at 5am to work? You bet! Waking up early, especially as a work at home Mom, is a game changer. You can work before your kids wake up, which makes you feel accomplished and ready to tackle the day as it comes. Is it hard waking up so early to work? Sure, but it’s so worth it. You will find yourself sticking to your schedule, getting work done and being an amazing Mom. Many work at home Moms work after their kids go to bed, but that simply does not work for me and my work schedule. I’m completely drained by the time I get my kids down and I enjoy having my nights free to spend with my husband. By waking up early I get to conquer my work schedule and allow myself more time to dedicate to my family, which is this work at home Mom’s dream!

Time Hack # 8 Stay Off Social Media

Let’s be honest – social media can be a time suck. Personally, I could spend hours scrolling my Instagram feed and let’s face it that’s not going to help me be a successful work at home Mom. Instead, limit your social media use to business purposes only. If you need to keep up a social media presence to stay in contact with family and friends try to schedule a day each week to check-in.

Time Hack # 9 Keep things Tidy

Clutter is the enemy. Having a tidy space to work is the key to remaining productive. Remember that To-do list I mentioned earlier? Add in 10 minutes a day to straighten up your workspace so you can work with a clear mind. Better yet – don’t leave your workspace for the day without taking the time to clean it up because then you can start your day fresh and ready to tackle your schedule.

Time Hack # 10 Break it Down

When starting a business some projects you take on can feel huge. Starting a blog is so overwhelming, believe me, I’ve been I know. One time hack that has helped me tremendously is breaking down my work tasks into smaller, manageable tasks. Let’s use starting a blog, for example, you can’t sign up for hosting, set up your theme and write your posts in one day. Instead, break those tasks down into simple tasks you are guaranteed to complete. Remember, don’t multitask. Listing out the steps for a project can help make it feel less overwhelming which in turn will make you more productive!

Final thoughts

Being a Work at Home Mom is tough but hopefully, these ten time hacks allow you to be more productive. Time management is so important when working from home and trying to find a work/home balance can sometimes feel impossible. I would LOVE to hear if you used any of these hacks and how they worked for you. Don’t forget to download your free productivity planner designed to help you get more done.